Case Study

From local sourcing to global impact: Hurtigruten Group's carbon accounting triumph with Ignite

Hurtigruten Group used Ignite to gain valuable insights into their Scope 3 emissions, which helps them work with their suppliers to drive environmental change.


Founded in 1893, Hurtigruten Group is the world's leading adventure travel group. They provide travelers with small-ship and land-based adventures from pole to pole — and anywhere between.

Hurtigruten Group has always been on the forefront of green adventure tourism. Looking to further strengthen their commitment to sustainability, Hurtigruten Group partnered with Ignite for their Carbon Accounting tool to:  

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of their emissions profile and supplier base
  2. Make informed decisions and advance their ESG agenda
  3. Highlight their dedication to local value creation
  4. Provide direction on what ESG practices to focus on in the future  

Solving the Emission Puzzle  

Understanding the Emissions Landscape

To drive meaningful action, Hurtigruten Group needed to better understand their Scope 3 emissions.  

To get started, they had to consolidate their complex emissions data. Because they had data scattered in various sources, it was hard to get a complete overview on their own.

Hurtigruten Group was able to efficiently import all their data to Ignite, where they cleaned and classified it. Once they mapped each classification to the Exiobase database, they were able to view their Scope 3 emissions estimates.  

With these estimates, Hurtigruten Group will be able to identify initiatives they could take to reduce their emissions, in line with the GHG protocol.

Building a Solid Foundation

Carbon accounting is an ongoing journey, not a one-time task.  

With Ignite, Hurtigruten Group was able to view Scope 3 emissions over time, and by category, region, and profit center. This allows them to set targets and focus on areas that concern them the most.  

Now, Hurtigruten Group has a solid foundation for sustainable decision-making. This will ensure their ESG efforts aren't treated in silos, away from the rest of their business.

Procurement as an ESG Enabler

Hurtigruten Group recognized that procurement is key to enabling and accelerating ESG initiatives.  

They used Ignite to measure and manage emissions from the supply chain. Based on the insights they found on Ignite, they’ll be able to increase their focus on local value creation by using more local suppliers.  

This allows Hurtigruten Group to both reduce emissions and help local communities thrive.  

Smooth Implementation and Data Confidence

Implementing Ignite at Hurtigruten Group was a seamless, intuitive process. They were able to:

  • Enable harmonization of data across multiple sources
  • Classify spend data accurately
  • Build robust reporting for emissions and spend
  • Gain a deep understanding of their suppliers

All this helped enhance Hurtigruten Group's journey towards sustainability.    


With Ignite, Hurtigruten Group achieved remarkable success.  

They gained valuable insights into their Scope 3 emissions. The insights will enable them to work with vendors to drive environmental change and increase spending on local suppliers.

Hurtigruten Group also used Ignite to align their ESG efforts with their business strategy. They were able to strengthen their position as industry leaders and attract like-minded partners.  

Looking Into the Future  

Hurtigruten Group plans to continue leveraging Ignite to refine their carbon accounting practices. They aim to:  

  • Expand emissions tracking and reduction efforts to cover more scope categories.  
  • Deepen collaborations with suppliers to drive sustainable procurement practices and supply chain transparency.  
  • Establish long-term emission reduction targets aligned with international climate goals.  
  • Communicate Scope 3 emission estimates and progress often in ESG reports to engage stakeholders.  

With Ignite as a trusted partner, Hurtigruten Group continues to pave the way to a greener future for the travel industry.


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