Take control of the impact suppliers have on your business. Move away from scattered files, uncovered insights, and unknown risks to drive lasting change for your business.

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Why Ignite?

Benefits of working with Ignite

Full control of purchasing

Remove scattered files and establish one source of truth for supplier and spend data across your organization.

Holistic supplier perspective

Don't look at cost, social risk, and emissions in isolation — get a full picture of all your suppliers.

Drive cost efficiencies

Work with your suppliers efficiently and strategically to deliver lasting change for your business.

Achieve compliance

Navigate the regulatory landscape with ease and comply with new regulations.

Empower responsible decision-making by working with your suppliers in a brand new way

Take back control of your purchasing and manage your suppliers efficiently and strategically.
No more scattered files, uncovered insights, or unknown risks.

Supplier Management

Say hello to a new way of working with your suppliers

Manage your suppliers in one place to get the clarity you need to identify potential risks and opportunities, comply with regulations, and collaborate effectively.

Carbon Accounting

No more forgotten or hidden CO2 emissions

Get full coverage of your CO2 emissions, including all categories across Scope 1, 2, and 3. Deliver reliable and accurate results with Ignite's calculation methodology, which has been approved by DNV and aligns with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Contract Management

Take back control of your contracts

Benefit from a full overview of your contracts. Keep all your contract information in one place and share it with the rest of your organization. Set alerts to remain in control and ensure no contract is forgotten.

Procurement Analytics

Turn your spend data into actionable insights

Get a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of your purchasing. Harmonize, classify, and analyze your spend to manage spend, simplify reporting, and drive efficiency.

Learn how Ignite helps change businesses

Eyvind A. G. Zetterberg
Procurement Head of Analytics and Business Development, Veidekke

“Ignite stops the drudgery of maintaining and updating complex data sets. It lets us focus on what we do best - discovering areas for improvement, defining strategies and making data driven decisions.

Ignite has helped us meet our compliance obligations, emission-reduction goals, and has dramatically boosted our productivity.”

Harald Stenersen
Strategic Purchasing Manager, Havila

"Ignite gave us the capability to easily collect and analyze data from all of our suppliers (across subsidiaries) to quickly identify which ones meet our criteria. The insights provided by Ignite have been invaluable in helping us make better procurement decisions and improve our sustainability efforts."

Democratize supplier intelligence across the organization

Full control of your suppliers and spend
Take full control of your supplier management and purchasing by having it all in one place. Support the rest of your organization seamlessly and empower better decisions across teams.
Drive efficiency and ensure compliance
Unveil new insights and identify savings opportunities in your purchasing. Get the numbers and insights you need to comply with supply chain regulations.
Unlock a greener supply chain
Get full coverage of your carbon footprint for all categories across Scope 1, 2, and 3. Identify your emissions hot spots and work with suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions.
Uncover supply chain risks
Assess your supply chain effectively to uncover any potential breaches of human rights. Get the support you need to become compliant in a time-effective and robust way.

Ready to move away from spreadsheets and work with your suppliers in a responsible way?

Our goal is to empower responsible decision-making by giving you the insights and tools you need to unlock the potential of your supply chain.


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