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Gain full control and visibility of your suppliers and spend.

Highlighted widgets of the Ignite platform, one widget showing expiring contracts and one showing a graph displaying spend through contracts

Manage all your suppliers and purchasing in one place — effortlessly.

Ignite gives a single source of truth for your supplier and spend data to help you get control over when and where you’re spending, how much you’re spending, who your top suppliers are, and what you’re buying.

Trusted by hundreds of procurement & sustainability teams

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Turn your data into actionable insights

Say goodbye to scattered files. Get a centralized overview of your supplier and spend data to make it simple to report efficiently and unlock actionable insights.

Find your suppliers and spend in one place

Add and harmonize your supplier and spend data from multiple sources — no technical know-how needed. Your data will be gathered in a unified view, making it easy for you and the rest of your company to find and analyze supplier information.

A screenshot of the Ignite platform showing the classification module in Ignite

Impactful category analysis enabled by powerful classification

Analyze your data at a category level. Group your data by setting classification rules. Simply drag and drop your data into your preferred categories to train Ignite’s classification system, and see all future spend classified accurately.

Complete control of your contract coverage

Centralize your contracts and supplier information in one place. Easily combine purchasing data wth your contracts.

With a single source of truth, you can ensure contract compliance and get renewal and expiry alerts, so you never miss another deadline.

Visual from the Ignite platform, showing the Contact overview
Screenshot of the dashboard template library in Ignite platform, showing the collection categories

Efficient reporting and insights

Visualize, drill down, and analyze your spend data by project, category, or department using ready-made dashboards. You can also create your own for other perspectives you need. Simplify your reporting and uncover data-backed insights into potential risks and opportunities.

See how Ignite helps companies achieve their goals

“We are astonished by the speed of implementation of the solution and the support provided by the Ignite team.

We now have the numbers we can trust on our fingertips to make our reporting efficient, insightful and our decision-making powerful and data driven.”

Picture of Arndt Romer, head of Purchasing Controlling in SEG automotive
Arndt Romer
Head of Purchasing Controlling, SEG Automotive

“With 1,500 suppliers and ESG criteria included in our assessments, there’s no way to identify which of our suppliers stand out without a good solution — you need a tool to collect, harmonize, and utilize this information.”

Picture of Harald Steneren
Harald Stenersen
Strategic Purchasing Manager, Havila

"One of Ignite's genius features is that we can link contracts to live data from our accounting systems.

This helps with loyalty follow-up, which enhances our attractiveness as a collaboration partner for our suppliers, while ensuring that we increasingly adhere to the agreements that are best for our organization.”

Kyrre Hansen
Financial Director,

Customer success story

Slashing consulting costs, achieving full spend transparency, estimating CO2, and more

How procurement innovation saved this construction major hundreds of hours monthly, allowing it to focus on its core mission of driving sustainability and compliance.

Veidekke’s procurement was decentralized, where data was stored in different systems, often in various formats and spread over many procurement centers.  

While good for flexibility, it also made it challenging for Veidekke to keep track of what and where they were spending and how it contributed to their overall goals. There was little to no transparency on the organization's spend and procurement operations.    

Veidekke needed a solution to manage all this to save time and money while improving efficiency and collaboration between different departments. See how they used Ignite to achieve this.

Read their story >

Gain complete control and visibility of your suppliers and spend with Ignite.

Learn how you can get a centralized overview of your suppliers and spend to simplify your reporting.


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