Procurement Analytics

Turn your spend data into actionable insights.

Make data-backed business decisions.

Get a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of your purchasing. Harmonize, classify, and analyze complex spend data to manage spend, simplify reporting, and drive efficiency.

Why Ignite?

Benefits of choosing Ignite for Procurement Analytics

Ease of use

Quickly work with and navigate through your spend data, integrating it seamlessly into your daily operations.

Full control

Combine different data sources, apply data logic, and create consistent, verifiable data pipelines to address any issues effectively and create one source of truth.

Flexibility with your data

Our tool allows for extensive flexibility, enabling you to combine different data sources, and to classify and visualize data.

Save time and money

Easily harness valuable insights for reporting and tracking to save time and money. Reveal areas for improvement and opportunities with our out-of-the-box insights.

Key features

Full control of your data
Our data mangement platform gives you the power to create one source of truth for your spend data. Add any type of data, harmonize and merge data sources, and address any data issues effortlessly.
Intuitive and flexible classification
Drag and drop data into desired categories. Teach the tool to create rules and consistently apply logic to all incoming data. Easily merge with your existing category tree if you need.
Enrich your spend data
Using third party plug-ins (e.g. currencies and supplier financials), we enrich your spend data with relevant data sources to unlock new insights for your organization.
Rapid data visualization
Our intuitive and flexible data visualization tool allows you to quickly present data in any way that you'd like. Create unique views by drilling down into spend categories and more.
Continuous data ingestion
Integrate to your ERP, accounting tool, data warehouse, or data platform and remove all the hassle of loading, enriching, and consolidating data. Get started instantly to get on top of your data — and stay there.

Hear what our customers say about us

Eyvind A. G. Zetterberg
Procurement Head of Analytics and Business Development, Veidekke

“Building a custom solution in-house would have required a significant investment in terms of both people and money.

With Ignite, we get a team counting more than 60 people continuously developing and maintaining the solution.”

Arndt Romer
Head of Purchasing Controlling, SEG Automotive

“We are astonished by the speed of implementation of the solution and the support provided by the Ignite Procurement team. We now have the numbers we can trust on our fingertips to make our reporting efficient, insightful and our decision-making powerful and data driven.”

Customer success story

From static reports to dynamic insights

How a prominent automotive supplier turned siloed data in to actionable intelligence.

SEG Automotive has a procurement team with well-defined KPIs aligned with their objectives. While they had clear procurement reporting in place, they faced several challenges that made the process inefficient and time-consuming.  

They knew they needed to improve their reporting processes and controlling to make insight-driven business decisions.  

Learn how SEG Automotive used Ignite to improve their reporting, controlling, and operational efficiency to build a competitive advantage.  

Read their story >

Harness the power of data to manage spend, simplify reporting, and drive efficiency. Say goodbye to tedious Excel files.

Learn more about Procurement Analytics

Don't excel. Ignite.

Uncover savings potential with your suppliers

Procurement is typically an overlooked, but powerful way to drive cost savings. Harness the power of spend transparency to identify tangible savings for your business. Dive deep into your data to unveil hidden opportunities.

Ready to move away from spreadsheets and work with your suppliers in a responsible way?

Our goal is to empower responsible decision-making by giving you the insights and tools you need to unlock the potential of your supply chain.


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