Carbon Accounting

No more forgotten or hidden CO2 emissions.

Accurately cover your entire CO2 footprint.

Achieve full coverage of your carbon accounting, including all categories across Scope 1, 2, and 3. Deliver reliable and accurate results with Ignite's calculation methodology, which has been approved by DNV and aligns with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Why Ignite?

Benefits of choosing Ignite for Carbon Accounting

Full coverage

Don't let any emissions be unseen or forgotten. Estimate all categories, including indirect emissions of your purchasing.

Supreme auditability

All numbers can be easily tracked at the most granular level — from your input, through emission factors, to the final estimate.

High accuracy

No calculation methodology can cover everything, but Ignite's can get you close. Combine different methodologies to easily ensure accurate results.

Externally validated

DNV has verified that Ignite's calculation methodology is aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Key features

Harmonize data easily
Our data management platform allows you to combine multiple data sources, such as electricity consumption, employee commuting, and more, to create one source of truth and gain full visibility.
Classify data with flexibility
Map your data to specific categories and emissions factors by using standardized rules or your category tree with our flexible classification module.
Gain increased accuracy
Use forms to fill in specific activity-based or supplier specific information on all categories, enabling you to combine calculation methodologies. We ensure there's no double counting.
Identify emission hot spots
Identify emission hot spots with dashboards, which enable you to drill down and understand the source of your emissions, so you can drive meaningful actions.
Comply with regulations
Get access to the numbers you need for your sustainability reporting: the metric tonnes of CO2-equivalents per emission category and year. Export easily to excel.

Hear what our customers say about us

Eyvind A. G. Zetterberg
Procurement Head of Analytics and Business Development, Veidekke

“Ignite stops the drudgery of maintaining and updating complex data sets. It lets us focus on what we do best - discovering areas for improvement, defining strategies and making data driven decisions. Ignite has helped us meet our compliance obligations, emission-reduction goals, and has dramatically boosted our productivity.”

Lene Aronsveen
Senior Financial Advisor, Ferd

"We chose Ignite because the platform provides us with a great overview and rich analytics capabilities, as well as having all data collected in one place - which is the best starting point for actionable analyses and covering all emission categories."

Customer success story

Slashing consulting costs, achieving full spend transparency, estimating CO2, and more

How procurement innovation saved this construction major hundreds of hours monthly, allowing it to focus on its core mission of driving sustainability and compliance.

Veidekke’s procurement was decentralized, where data was stored in different systems, often in various formats and spread over many procurement centers.  
While good for flexibility, it also made it challenging for Veidekke to keep track of what and where they were spending and how it contributed to their overall goals. There was little to no transparency on the organization's spend and procurement operations.    

Veidekke needed a solution to manage all this to save time and money while improving efficiency and collaboration between different departments. See how they used Ignite to achieve this.  

Read their story >

Just because it's hard to measure, doesn't mean you shouldn't measure it. The bulk of your emissions might be in categories that are difficult to calculate.

Learn more about Carbon Accounting

How to achieve sustainable procurement

Navigating CSRD and  ESRS reporting requirements

By law, companies of a certain size will have to produce emission reports by the start of 2025.

Our comprehensive guide "Navigating Europe's New Scope 3 Reporting Requirements" helps you to understand the impact of these regulations.

Read our GHG Emissions Report

At Ignite, we're more than just a technology company. We're a group of passionate individuals committed to making a difference in the world. That's why we're thrilled to announce the release of our GHG Emission Report for 2022!

Read our report to learn more about the our calculation methodology and to get a better understanding of how we can help you with your carbon accounting.

Ready to move away from spreadsheets and work with your suppliers in a responsible way?

Our goal is to empower responsible decision-making by giving you the insights and tools you need to unlock the potential of your supply chain.


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