Supplier Information Management

Say hello to a new way of working with your suppliers.

No more spreadsheets with your suppliers.

Manage your suppliers in one place to get the clarity you need to identify potential risks and opportunities, comply with regulations, and collaborate effectively.

Why Ignite?

Benefits of choosing Ignite to manage your suppliers

A unified view on your suppliers

Remove scattered files and establish one source of truth across the organization. Collaborate to keep records up to date.

Holistic supplier insights

Ensure that all perspectives are considered when assessing your suppliers: costs, environment, and ethical risks.

Save time by prioritizing suppliers

Identify which suppliers you need to follow up with more closely based on your supplier data and our automatic third-party enrichments.

Easily comply with regulations

Uncover insights in your supply chain to comply with new regulations and take full control of your supply chain.

Key features

Establish the definitive overview
A simple overview of all your suppliers in one place. Add and remove suppliers easily. Filter and search to identify suppliers based on your search criteria.
Assess supplier satisfaction
Use our customizable questionnaires to easily gather relevant performance feedback about suppliers from anyone in your organization. Track it over time to make sure you have the facts you need for your next meet-up with your suppliers.
Collect and review supplier information
Collect relevant information from your suppliers as part of your supplier onboarding, compliance process, and more. Send out customizable questionnaires and reminders, and analyze the results seamlessly.
All supplier data in one place
Find all relevant information about your suppliers in one place whenever you need it, including potential risks and opportunities.

Hear what our customers say about us

Harald Stenersen
Strategic Purchasing Manager, Havila

"Ignite gave us the capability to easily collect and analyze data from all of our suppliers (across subsidiaries) to quickly identify which ones meet our criteria. The insights provided by Ignite have been invaluable in helping us make better procurement decisions and improve our sustainability efforts.”

Customer success story

Unlocking 360-Degree Supplier Intel

How an offshore and shipping group mitigates supplier risks, complies to the Norwegian Transparency Act, and boosts efficiency with a Procurement Analytics and Data Management Solution.

Havila is a complex organization with tons of data in different systems and formats, and limited time to process the data.    

Havila was looking for a solution that could help them improve efficiency and manage suppliers. It needed to bring together data from multiple systems and enable holistic supplier management across the group — from getting a spend overview to measuring their carbon footprint.    

See how Havila used Ignite to better manage their procurement process.  

Read their story >

Manage suppliers and work with them to build rewarding relationships and achieve better results.

Learn more about Supplier Information Management

Work with your suppliers in a better way

Supplier evaluation and assessment: The what, how, and why

Organizations conduct supplier evaluations both to qualify potential suppliers and to assess relationships with existing ones.

Supplier evaluation represents one of the most important processes in a company to stay competitive, especially now, when markets are changing so quickly.

Ready to move away from spreadsheets and work with your suppliers in a responsible way?

Our goal is to empower responsible decision-making by giving you the insights and tools you need to unlock the potential of your supply chain.


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