Supply Chain Due Diligence

Manage risk and become compliant with ease.

A system to stay on top of regulations.

Upload your supplier data and get a complete and enriched overview of your suppliers in one system to complete due diligence assessments.

Why Ignite?

Benefits of choosing Ignite for Supply Chain Due Diligence

One unified suppler overview

Become compliant by unifying your supplier list. With Ignite, you can harmonize scattered files to easily establish one source of truth across your organization.

Time and cost efficiency

Save yourself and your suppliers invaluable time. Identify which suppliers you need to follow up with more closely based on your supplier data and our automatic third-party enrichments.

Continuous risk monitoring

We connect to your ERP systems to continuously monitor your supplier base and identify suppliers that are not yet assessed.

Legally approved

Our solution is built in collaboration with leading Norwegian law firms and experts, including our questionnaire and reporting template.

Key features

Establish the definitive overview
Upload your supplier or transaction data to create a definitive overview of all your suppliers. Add, delete, or merge suppliers with ease.
Rule out high-risk suppliers
Through auto-enrichments, identify suppliers with a higher risk profile based on industry and/or country. Use initial risk-screening to prioritize further efforts to save you and your suppliers valuable time.
Request critical information
Create questionnaires to request information from your suppliers. Send them a standard questionnaire or simply create your own. Select suppliers you want to send the questionnaire to and get missing information.
Report in line with regulations
Set up simple dashboards to identify suppliers to work more closely with or create reports with ease. Our standard reporting template helps you become compliant in no time.

Hear what our customers say about us

Harald Stenersen
Strategic Purchasing Manager, Havila

“With 1,500 suppliers and including ESG criteria in our assessments, there is simply no chance to identify which of our suppliers stands out without a good solution – you simply need a tool to collect, harmonize, and be able to use this information.”

Harald Stenersen
Chief Business Development Officer, Bilia

“We have tested a variety of competitive solutions, and Ignite has by far the best and most intuitive software.”

Customer success story

Unlocking 360-Degree Supplier Intel

How an offshore and shipping group mitigates supplier risks, complies to the Norwegian Transparency Act, and boosts efficiency with a Procurement Analytics and Data Management Solution.

Havila is a complex organization with tons of data in different systems and formats, and limited time to process the data.    

Havila was looking for a solution that could help them improve efficiency and manage suppliers. It needed to bring together data from multiple systems and enable holistic supplier management across the group — from getting a spend overview to measuring their carbon footprint.    

See how Havila used Ignite to better manage their procurement process.  

Read their story >

Stay on top of supplier risk and unveil any potential secrets to be compliant and manage business risk carefully.

Learn more about Supply Chain Due Diligence

Assessing your suppliers for compliance

Åpenhetsloven: New act of fundamental human rights

The Norwegian Transparency Act or Åpenhetsloven, came into effect in July 2022.

If you are an enterprise operating within Norway or elsewhere in Europe, this article helps you know what this act means for your company and how it affects your business operations.

Template for supplier self-evaluation

Find out what you need to know about your suppliers.

By using this template, your company and procurement department can: ensure compliance, identify and address any potential human rights abuses, promote transparency and accountability among your suppliers and foster a culture of ethical and responsible business practices.

Ready to move away from spreadsheets and work with your suppliers in a responsible way?

Our goal is to empower responsible decision-making by giving you the insights and tools you need to unlock the potential of your supply chain.


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